A shopping addiction you can’t control, if you encounter all the underlying problems then you are probably a shopaholic.

  1. You think shopping is the best option to relax your mind when you are depressed or over worked.

Actually, you are opting shopping as a means of therapy, as if an anti-fever medicine for an ill person or whatever you can relate to.

  1. You can’t ever make the both ends meet!

Your bank account stops listening to you long before the month ends. You are badly broke and regret your over spending each time but can’t control.

  1. Look around! Do you owe too many unwanted things?

You shop for the things even when you don’t need them, need a proof? Look around, if you find tagged things laying around that you never end up using or wearing but are still there.

  1. You are always trying to balance this equation out, salary=shopping + bills

But even after so much trying you are under debt due to uncontrollable shopping spree.

  1. You feel embarrassed when you are done with your shopping.

Embarrassment finds its way in human, when your inner self knows that you are doing something wrong, which means you want to stop yourself but you can’t.

  1. Your shopping habits are disturbing your relationships.

Ever find yourself arguing with your closed ones about money problems or expenditure? Your closed ones get annoyed by your compulsive behavior.

If you have these problems, you certainly need help! To some people it might not appear as a problem but it certainly is. If you earn a lot it doesn’t mean you can’t have such problems, it might be silently effecting your healthy relationships, your future and your own health,  figure it out and solve it before it’s too late just because a lots of people were telling you “that’s not a problem”, “this condition doesn’t exist”, “ha, that’s just a shopping habit you can get control over this by yourself”. Ignore this, and seek help! There might not be a lot of medications available to treat this condition, but there are lots of well reputed counseling solutions available to get you out of this and lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

are you a shopaholic