Child sexual abuse is a very sensitive and important issue which is least spoken topic. Abuse is an act of treating someone with violence and insensitively. Abuse has its many types.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is a form of very common abuse. It is criticizing someone, giving unhealthy remarks, blaming, trying to control other’s activities and threatening.

child abuse

Physical Abuse

Causing any kind of physical harm or trauma to someone intentionally comes under physical abuse. Mostly it affects children, specifically in under developed countries, children doing labor but adults may also suffer from physical abuse in their workplace and or domestic violence is also one of its kinds.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is an act in which someone touches someone without his/her consent. Perpetrator touches other person on their private parts i.e. face, chest, vagina and hips, molest or in worse case rape him.

child sexual abuse protection and safety behaviors

Child Sexual Abuse

Children are most vulnerable of being sexually abused. They are innocent and unaware of this. Children can be become victim of sexual abuse from anyone who come in contact with them. We must know that such criminals are usually most trustworthy and nearest people about whom a child can’t complaint. Children don’t make a complaint about them because they think that no one will believe them. Abusers also put this in the minds of children that if they will tell anything to their parents, their parents will beat them up because this is totally their mistake.

Safety behaviors to stop child sexual abuse

Teach your child some safety behaviors in order to refrain from this trauma.

  • Always tell everything to your parents. They are your best friends.
  • Never trust anyone. Don’t take anything from any stranger or even someone you know very well without the permission of your parents.
  • If someone tries to get benefit of your mistake, don’t get trapped. Tell your parents.
  • If you get trapped by someone, shout out loud and run away from that person to your parents.
  • If your parents are not near you, go to some crowded place or someone you know.
  • Make a trust circle. Think about people you can trust. It may include your parents, grandparents, siblings and teacher.
  • Never go alone with anyone. He may be your friend’s brother, aunt, uncle etc.
  • Never let anyone touch your private body parts. Your body belongs to you. No one has a right to touch it. Only your mother can touch it while washing or cleaning you and doctor can touch you but in the presence of your parents.
  • If someone grasps you and places hand on mouth, bit him or hit him as hard as you can and run away.
  • Never go inside someone’s house when someone is alone at home or don’t let someone come inside your house when you are alone.

Tips for parents

  • Parents also must trust their children.
  • Keep an eye on the behavior of the child. Disturbed change in behavior such as being fearful, irritable, quiet, loss of appetite and being clingy can be warning signs of abuse.
  • Parents must spend quality time with their children. It includes few hours with your child, asking about his/her day routine, her habits, friends and school.

Most of the people don’t report the incident as it can be very shameful for them and also a threat for their child’s future. They must understand that in the run of saving their dignity they are actually ruining their child’s future. Once a victim shall always be a victim if culprit will not be punishes. It may also cause severe psychological problems and also destroys child’s personality.