In Elimination disorders, feces and urine are expelled from the body. This can be either voluntary or involuntary. There can be many causal factors of elimination disorder such as medical reason, stress, fear, attention seeking or harsh toilet training. According to psychology, fixation in anal stage of development causes elimination disorders.

Two main types of elimination disorders are:


In this an individual faces bowel movement inappropriately on inappropriate places and time after that age when controlling bowel and its appropriate elimination is expected

Few major causes of encorpresis are

  • Constipation
  • Decreased level of laxatives
  • Side effect of medication
  • Harsh toilet training
  • Attention seeking attitude
  • Fear of toilet
  • Any other psychiatric problem


Inappropriate discharge of urine from the body is called enuresis. This type of urine discharge is on wrong time, place and its way is also inappropriate. Usually children who are not toilet trained, discharge urine inappropriately but after toilet training, this kind of discharge falls into abnormality.

Primary enuresis is caused due to any psychological stress or harsh toilet training.

Secondary enuresis occurs when a child starts started bed wetting after complete and proper toilet training. He had proper bladder control era but he started bed wetting after some change or some incident. For example, a child started bed wetting after he moving to a new city.

Timing for Encoporsis and Enuresis is not specific. It can happen at both night and also during day time.

Few major causes are

  • Lack of bladder controlElimination disorders
  • Deformity of urinary system
  • Harsh toilet training
  • Attention seeking attitude
  • Side effects of medication
  • Any other psychological problem


  • Both medical and psychological treatment plays a great role in dealing with elimination disorder. Laxatives and plays their part in treatment by establishment of new evacuation sample.
  • Specification timings, like reminding child again and again in fixed hours.
  • For bladder control, ask the child to urinate and then had to stop immediately for few seconds. After a few seconds, then again start to urinate. It improves bladder control.
  • Alarm bed is for children who wet bed at night. Whenever child is going to urinate, alarm bell starts ringing.
  • Psychotherapy is very important as it cause a lot of psychological issues like embarrassment, lack of self esteem, lack of confidence etc.
  • Voluntary elimination of urine and feces from the body points towards the indication of psychiatric treatment.