Road accident victims can be saved by having knowledge about first aid provision to them as millions of people get hurt, injured and die in road accident every year. Usually, in developing and underdeveloped areas lack of immediate help and care leads to death of causalities.

Don’t get panic and stay calm:

In such situation, it’s important for you to stay calm and also try to make victim and relax. Most of the time, getting panic leads to further trouble in situation. Staying calm will help you in making conversant and balanced decisions in order to deal with the accident. It will also help victim in reducing fear of accident. Also avoid any other person, whether it is victim or any one else, allowing panicking at the sight of accident.

Call for emergency facilities:

After witnessing an accident, your first step should be to call for emergency help because it may take some time and during that time period you must give first aid to the victims. Try to provide as accurate information as you can. Other witnesses and bystanders may also know better information than you, so also ask them to call emergency services. Try giving information to the operator about the place, the number of victims, and other noticeable details about the scenario.


Make the victim comfortable and try treating shock:

As you stay calm and don’t get, it is also necessary for you to comfort the victim. After an accident, due to strong stroke and injury, victim may be in shock. Talk to the victim and realize him that you are with him. Talking to the victim and giving him encouragement can be helpful in comforting the person. It may also help in treating shock. Ensure the victim that you are with him.

Falling into shock after an accident is common. Treating shock immediately can be lifesaving. In this condition, face of the victim becomes pale and he may become numb. In this state, put any warm clothing on the victim to keep him warm and also loose tight clothing such as buttons, tie, scarfs etc. Protect the victim from heat, sun and rain.

Make sure, you are safe:

It is very important for you to stay safe and don’t become a victim instead of helper. Have a keen look over the situation. Stay protected from broken glasses, fire, gas, leaking petrol or wires. Don’t lighten up engine or fire near the sight of accident.

Don’t move the victim:

In a road accident, most of the times, people get lifelong injuries due to mishandling after accident. It should be remembered that most of the injuries are internal and can be more dangerous if not treated properly.  Only when there is danger of explosion or something falling on the victim, just in that case move the victim to safe location, otherwise wait until some professional personnel arrive.

Check the breathing of victim:

Check if the victim is breathing, in conscious or unconscious state. If he is not breathing properly, start CPR to normalize respiration.

Control bleeding:

It is recommended not to move, bandage or fix broken bone of the victim by yourself until it is life threatening situation. It is better to wait for professional help generally. To avoid blood loss, avoid moving the victim and keep him still. Packing any cloth or bandage can help stopping bleeding. It will also be helpful in preventing movement. Elevating the area of bleeding to the height equivalent to chest will reduce bleeding and fast circulation of blood.