Nosebleed occurs commonly during summer due to direct contact with heat, dryness, trauma, usage of medication or drugs. Usually kids suffer nose bleed during summers in schools while playing in open grounds. Having knowledge of some first aid tips can be helpful for teachers, parents and care givers of children and also for adults in stopping nose bleed.

First aid training for nosebleed

Sit straight

During nose bleeding, one must sit straight. It will help in reducing flow of blood and also prevents blood loss by decreasing blood pressure. During nose bleeding when nose is tilted upward, blood is swallowed which can disturb the stomach. That is why one should sit upright.

Pinching nose help stop bleeding

With the help of your finger and thumb, pinch the bleeding nose. It will apply pressure on the bleeding area in the nostrils. It will help in flow of blood. Continue until bleeding stops. Avoid suffocating the person by allowing him breath through mouth.

Cold water

Pouring cold water on head also helps in ending nose bleeding. Pouring cold water will reduce temperature and also ends up bleeding. Continue this for few minutes.

Prevent re-bleeding

In people, nose bleeds again and again. It is recommended to

  •  Avoid picking or blowing nose for several hours after nose bleeding.
  • Keep head on the higher place than the heart.First aid training for nosebleeds
  • Avoid bending head down. It can initiate bleeding.
  • Try not to eat food having warm effect.
  • Don’t let nose dry. So, apply Vaseline or oil inside nostrils
  • Avoid going in places having direct contact with sun.
  • Cover head in sunny places.

If re-bleeds than again apply all above-mentioned tips If bleeding doesn’t stop for more than 20 minutes, call for professional care. If bleeding is too much that it can cause loss of blood than in that case your first step should be to run for professional care. If bleeding occurs again and again, one must seek proper medication prescribed by doctor.