Glowing and fresh skin

Glowing and fresh skin always looks so adorable and during summer due to excessive sweating, heat and exposure to sunlight. Somehow skin gets oily, exhausted and its glow also fades away. Many different products, medicines and therapies are used to get glowing fresh skin but they consist of many harmful chemicals and also they are very expensive. Simple natural and household items can be used to improve your skin and keep it healthy throughout damp and sweaty summer.

Few simple steps to get fresh skin  during summer

  • Cover your skin and try to get least exposed to sunlight as it causes sun burn and also makes skin darker and oily
  • Take a spraying bottle, fill it with water and add rose water in it. Spray it on your face after one hour. It keeps your fresh and less oily. It can also be used while wearing makeup in very small amount which freshen ups the makeup
  • Avoid using oily products or make up on the face during summer
  • Mix few drops of lemon juice in a small amount of coconut oil  and massage it on the face to remove make up or dirt from face. Remove it with the help of cotton or soft sponge
  • Add one spoon of lemon juice and rose water in one spoon of gram flour. Apply the mixture on the face. After few minutes, mask will dry. Wash it water and spray rose water on the face.
  • Aloe vera gel is very beneficial for skin. Take a small piece of aloe vera plant, cut it from the middle. Massage it on your face for few minutes and wash. It will reduce oily secretions and control acne
  • Brown sugar works as a scrub for our skin. In one spoon of brown sugar, add few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on face and scrub in circular motion very smoothly. Don’t rub your skin with pressure as it can rupture the skin. Wash face and you will find your skin very soft and smooth. Do this in the morning before applying makeup. It will keep your make up fresh for maximum time
  • Before going to bed at night, wash your face and apply rose water on the whole face. It will leave your skin glowing, fresh and healthy next morning

get glowing and fresh skin during summer

Healthy habits

  • Drink plenty of water and fresh juices during summer. It helps in the elimination of maximum chemicals from the body keeping skin fresh and healthyget glowing and fresh skin during summer
  • Improve your diet. Use plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid oily and junk food
  • Go for refreshing morning walk every morning
  • Get enough sound sleep to wake up fresh next morning


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