Hypospadias is a congenital condition in male babies in which opening of the urethra get underside of the penis instead of the top. Urethra is a tube through which the process of urination occurs. In this condition the penis of the baby get hooded like. It is not very much problematic and in most of the cases a normal surgery in the medical care unit can cure this condition.

Hypospadias: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Risk Factor

There are following three type of hypospadias according to the opening position of urethra:

  • Subcoronal: in this type urethral tube opening come near the head of the penis.
  • Midshaft: in this type urethra opening located along the shaft of the penis.
  • Penoscrotal: in this type urethral opening occur where scrotum and penis meet.

Causes of Hypospadias:

There is no such genuine cause of this condition but this occurs during the 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. The occurrence of this condition is about 5 out of 1000 male babies around the world. This can be occurred because of some hormonal abnormalities during pregnancy. Some environmental and genetic problems can also lead to this condition. In most of the cases the females who are over 35 can give birth to child with this condition. Mothers who used to take some medications for fertility or some steroids can also give birth to the child with this condition.


  • The urethra opens at any location of the penis except top.
  • Downside curving of penis
  • The appearance of the penis get hooded and covered by foreskin.
  • Abnormal urination.

 Risk Factors:

Family history of hypospadias, genetic abnormalities, and menstrual cycle over age 35, some substance abuse and reactions of different medicines are the risk factors that lead to this condition in infants. Children get very bad toilet training. They can face problems in intercourse, and less erection or no erection because of the curving of their penis. Timely treatment is necessary in order to restrain from such risks.