Important Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fats Rapidly

Importance of Yoga

Yoga is very well known exercise from many years and helps to keep body fit and strengthen. People keep their body and soul very calm and energetic with the help of Yoga.  Burning body fat is always a big challenge for anyone and especially belly fat show someone ugly and low self-esteemed. Yoga keep body away from belly fats, heart diseases, diabetes type II, cancer and many other stomach problems. Belly fat make a person very much self-conscious and burning these fats is very easy with the help of Yoga.

How to do Yoga ??

With the help of proper guidance and nutritional schedule someone can easily get rid of stubborn belly fats. There are some following poses that help to reduce belly fat with a rapid speed.

Cobra Position

To reduce belly fat and strengthen the muscles of abdomen Cobra Important Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fats Rapidlypose is a very easy and doable exercise. It totally makes upper body flexible and strong. For cobra pose lie down put your weight on the belly, stretch your legs, chin and toes should touch the floor, palms should underneath the shoulders. On the inhalation lift your chest up and bend your back as possible as you can. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds then exhale and repeat it 5-6 times.

Bow Position

Constipation also cause belly fats and Bow pose helps to get rid of constipation, strengthen abdominal core and improve digestive system. First, lie down in a position like your whole body weight on the belly, stretched legs, and arms alongside the body. While bending you knees hold your ankles of the feet and stretch with power. Inhale and bend backward, lift your head and legs high as possible you can. Hold this pose for at least 15-30 seconds with normal breathe and bring your body back on the prior position and exhale. Repeat this position for 5-6 times.

Boat Position

It helps to reduce fats from the tummy and waist. It also makes legs and back very flexible and strong. First, take a mat and lie down to get your legs stretched in supine pose. Your arms and your legs should face asides. Inhale and raise your legs and do not bend at knees. Stretch foot and toes outward, legs keep high as you can, raise your arms and stretch them to reach toward toes. After 15 seconds bring your body in normal position and exhale slowly. Do this for at least 5-6 times.

There are many other positions in Yoga that are very much helpful in burning body fats very fast but these are very much easy and doable for almost everyone.



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