Being physically active and healthy is very important in order to carry out all other activities of life and to meet the fast running life requirements. Nowadays youngsters are very much fitness conscious but they somehow follow physic of photo shopped models and starve to look thin whereas being thin is not being physically fit. Setting up unrealistic goals of losing weight makes one lethargic and physically inactive. That’s why healthy diet is very important.

Nature has blessed us with healthy fruits and vegetables to fulfill all body nutrition. Every Season bring with it different fruits and vegetables to enjoy.

Delicious but interestingly healthy food:

It’s a blessing to eat completely nutritious rich food containing fiber, protein, vitamins, iron, healthy fats salts and natural sugars.  It’s like a dream to eat something to your full but having less calories and still controlling weight.

Cruciferous vegetables:

Green fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients. They give fiber and vitamins. They are also helpful in controlling weight. Green vegetables are also included in cruciferous vegetables. It includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, beet greens etc. They keep the value of diamond when it comes to their importance in immune system. They enhance immune system against fatal diseases like cancer as they carry agents against virus and bacteria.

Hey its summer, a season of watermelon:

Drinking water after having meal is usually avoided as it increases body fat. Watermelon contains 92 % water but it is very beneficial in lowering calories. It also contains vitamin C which is affected against many diseases. Watermelon is so delicious and more likable to eat so now it also easy to stay healthy by eating sweet and luscious watermelon.

 Interesting food choices to remain physically healthy and active


Corn is also a yummy hence healthy. It contains natural sugar. So body’s demand of sugar can be naturally fulfilled by having corn either in boiled form, corn soup or if you take it in your salad, it’s just luscious. It gives your body all the necessary sugar and makes perfectly ready to carry all physical activities energetically.