What is Lycanthropy?

Lycanthropy is a renowned but very unusual delusion in which the person accepts falsely that he has converted into an animal which is more commonly a wolf. The person feels himself to be converted into a wolf and act like a wolf that may be very dangerous for him and for others as well.

Myths of uncivilized era:

In the past, the era of non-civilization, when there was no scope of psychology, people used to take lycanthropy as a possession by some evil spirit which makes a person to act like wolf. Sometimes, treatment of that disorder was fatal and very terrible due their faith on possession of an evil spirit.

Lycanthropy, a popular theme of books and dramas:

Now a days this has become a subject of many well known books, dramas and films in which a possessed person transformed into wolf and cries out in fear. Wolverine, Teen wolf etc are some examples of shows which showed this disorder. Still, despite of so much success and studies in psychology, superstations run in many areas and people who consider this psychological illness as black magic, possession by an evil spirit or spell from supernatural powers.

What is Delusion?

Delusion is a bizarre false and fixed belief firmly held by an individual which is not agreeable to any change even in the light of contradictory facts. Delusions are believed to be strange if they are not acceptable by the peers of same ethnicity and are not understood by daily life experiences. People who face delusions are may be schizophrenic. Lycanthropy is also a delusion in which a person holds very firm and unshakable beliefs of being an animal, specifically a wolf.

Schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder:

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder in which an individual’s societal, professional and personal life functioning is disturbed due to the bizarre emotions, perceptual issues, and motor anomalies.