Information regarding health must be objective

Health related and information of any kind should have objective component instead of subjective component. When it comes to physical well being, there is no room for exaggerated or false information.

In my point of view, all news is not true as it is has more personal biases. Information is not completely according to facts but most of the times exaggeration plays its part.

Purpose of health blogs

The purpose of health blogs and videos is to make people well informed about new interventions in the field of physical well being and treatment. It also gives information about interesting events happened or going to happen. Some people find it very useful in finding solutions of their health related problems and other home based remedies.

By reading health and fitness blogs, one can know about the happenings taking place in the other corner of the planet int he field of physical fitness. However, if wrong information is processed through newspaper, blogs and videos. It also spreads fear, prejudice, misunderstandings and also can severely damage someone’s physical condition.

Most people think that truth should be objective rather than subjective when it comes to the information regarding health!

Wrong information      

Information of any sort, if spread for the purpose of entertainment and for spreading a wave of fear and havoc among people. Such kind of information can never be objective. People often think that news is made. It is created sometimes to elevate the rating of a blogger. If blogger will not present information with spices, it may not gain much hype. People often write blogs or put on their videos regarding health, nutrition and body fitness without any knowledge. It can have a negative impact on readers.

Information should not be subjective as it can give wrong perspective to viewers and readers and can also severely harm physical condition. One should present information and knowledge exactly according to the scientific facts.


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