Muscle injury: causes, symptoms and types!

Muscle Injury

Sometimes while lifting  heavy stuff, doing physical activity like sports or exercise or sudden jerk, we put extra weight or pressure on the muscle causing pain in muscles which is called muscle injury, muscle pull, muscle tear or  muscle strain.

How Muscle Strain causes?

Few common causes of muscle strain:

    • Intense or exhausting activities
    • Muscle strain typically results from exhaustion, improper or excessive use of body
    • Education about sports or performance
    • Athletes or dance
    • Excessive exercising exceeding your strength
    • Weight lifting
    • Labor tasks

Identification of muscle strain

  • Discoloration of skin
  • Bleeding on that area
  • Wound or cuts
  • Bump
  • Redness
  • Surface gets Stiff
  • Severe pain when muscle is moved
  • Sometimes irritation in the affected area
  • Difficulty in movement

Skeletal Muscle Injuries have two types


Injuries caused due to single shocking and traumatic event. Such a traumatic event may result in macro- trauma to the muscle.


Chronic muscle injuries induce due to exercise and its time duration is also long.  Due to repetitive micro-trauma to the muscle, muscle injury occurs.

What are muscle strains?

The cause of muscle strain is excessive reflexive pressure on the muscle. This typically occurs as a consequence of a prevailing unusual tightening of the muscle. Reasons of muscle strains are physical activities like jumping, bouncing or racing.

What are muscle contusions?          

Sometimes a mark or contusion is caused due to trauma to capillaries and vanules. It results in seeping of blood or hemorrhage. It is a type of hematoma of tissue in which capillaries and sometimes venules are damaged by trauma. Allowing blood to seep and blood moves into the interstitial tissues surrounding capillaries. It is also a type of hematoma in which a bruise results due to internal bleeding. It also doesn’t come out through the skin, typically induced by blunted shock. Physical compression causes this damage. Bruises are usually painful and also dangerous. Such bruises can lead to be fatal and life threatening hematoma when linked to serious fractures and internal bleeding.


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