First aid management for muscle strain

Muscle strain can be managed at home with the help of first aid tips if its severity is mild to moderate. In severe cases, It is an intelligent step to take sufferer to the hospital for special care and proper treatment. The main objective of muscle strain is to decrease swelling and pain. A program PRICE has been proposed to reduce harm to the causality.

While playing any sports or performing any physical activity like dancing, lifting, yoga, muscle strains can occur. One must learn about first aid tips for muscle injuries in order to prevent severe consequences.

PRICE Therapy

P stands for protect. Protect injured muscle from any injury in future.

    • R stands for rest. Don’t move injured muscle. Use support which will help in heeling strained muscle. According to physicians, One must not move muscle for 48-72 hours
    • I stands for ice. Place ice wrapped in any clean cloth or towel and place that on the strained muscle. It will help reduce pain and swelling. Place it for few minutes and avoid applying it directly or for too long
    • C stands for compress. Bandaging and compressing the strained muscle area help lessening the swelling. Tight bandage may restrict flow of blood. Keep it little loose
    • E stands for elevate. Elevation of effected area to 12 inches above or placing it on the pillow helps reducing swelling
    • Call emergency in order to get proper treatment. Take painkillers to reduce pain


Avoid few things

HARM stands for Heat, Alcohol, Running and Massage

  • H= Heat increases pain and swelling of the injured area.
  • A = Applying alcohol may increase bleeding and swelling
  • R =Running and exercising is not advisable as it may cause irritation
  • M =A few people massage the affected area but it should be actually avoided. Massaging can increase swelling and bleeding