Pica disorder often labeled with children and pregnant women that lead very dangerous consequences of poisoning and developmental problems in children and women carried children. People with pica disorder eat such items compulsively that have not any nutritional substance or valve. Pica disorder also found in people with developmental disabilities and people with intellectual disabilities.

Symptoms of Pica

If a person regularly eat nonfood substances for at least one month considered as pica.

There are the following nonfood items that people usually eat with pica.







Cigarette ashes


Feces etc. and many other nonfood items.

Causes of Pica in Children and Pregnant Women?

There are many causes of Pica but commonly deficiency of zinc, iron and other nutrients cause this disorder in children and especially in pregnant women. During pregnancy iron deficiency and anemia cause pica disorder and women eat these nonfood items. In children and women craving also cause pica in which body need such nonfood items to overcome low nutrients level. Pica is acceptable in some cultures where people like to eat clay that is called geophagia.

Diagnosis of Pica??

There is not any proper test for pica. If the nonfood items create intestinal blockage or any toxicity then anemia can be assessed. In the case of anemia caused by pica complete physical exam of the patient, X-rays, blood test can be diagnosed pica disorder. If there is poisoning, parasitic infections, chocking or intestinal blockage occur it also diagnosed as pica disorder associated complications.

Pica Disorder, Why Associated with Children and Pregnant WomenTreatment of Pica?

There is no proper remedy for pica. It can be treated with some behavioral therapies. In pregnant women mostly constipation and lead poisoning occur and a specialist nutritionist can consult special diet chart. There should be some special eating behavior that patients should adopt to avoid pica. With children the process of reinforcement can be applied to avoid nonfood items.