Post-traumatic arthritis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

There are many types of arthritis in which inflammation of joints occur. One of the very common form of osteoarthritis is post-traumatic arthritis occurs because of any physical injury to a joint. First of all, It is world’s very common disease and almost 12% of the world population effected from this. There can be multiple reasons behind this injury like sports injuries, accidental injuries, any fall, any military injury and any other physical trauma. This can happen to hip, knees or ankles. Its very common causes can be due to overweight and obese people easily get this disease too.

Causes of Post-traumatic arthritis:

This disease commonly affect women as compared to men and especially during pregnancy while women are prone to this problem when bone seems very soft. There are the following common causes due to which it affects large number of population.

  • Sports injury
  • Vehicle accident
  • Military injury
  • A fall
  • Physical trauma
  • Obesity or overweight

Symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis:

There are the following symptoms of this disease that commonly can be seen in a patient.

  • Consistent joints pain
  • Swelling on the affected area
  • Accumulation of fluid in the joint
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Decrease in playing of different sports.
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling
  • No tolerance in climbing of chairs

Diagnosis and Treatment:

X-ray is the best diagnostic measure for the post-traumatic arthritis. If the space in joints decrease and sclerotic bone can be seen this will be sign of this type of arthritis.

Most of the times the experts avoids steroids and give anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the swelling of the affected areas. Physical therapy and different orthopedic devices can be used except medicines.


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