Minor Scrapes and Cuts:

Scrapes and Cuts are the most common first aid issues, for parents and children both. Every once in a while, a child falls or bumps into something, adorning a bruise or a wound. These can be treated easily at home, following some first aid measures, if they are minor. But if a child receives a major scrape or cut it has to get medical attention. Some steps to treat minor scrapes and cuts are discussed in this article.


There are no specific causes of these Scrapes and Cuts. Children have been receiving these minor blows since forever for no specific reason.


Some urgent first aid treatment should be given to a child when it gets injured. Following steps can be taken to avoid infection or contamination:

  1. Parent or attendant should thoroughly wash their hands before treating a wound, preferably with a disinfectant. This is to avoid transferring of germs.
  2. Make the child calm down. Encourage him to sit or lie down while you are prepping for tending them.
  3. If the wound is bleeding, wash it with cold water and hold a bandage to it. Press gently until the bleeding stops.
  4. Avoid using disinfectants, alcohol or any harsh solution. It won’t help the cause any better than cold water. Instead it will cause irritation and rash.
  5. If the cut is dirty, clean it before bandaging. Pick out all the dirt and grit to avoid infection.
  6. Use a bandage to cover the wound so it isn’t exposed while it’s fresh. You can also use some ointment to relieve the pain.
  7. Let the wound dry. Also, let a scab form on the wound. You can keep it covered but if it’s getting itchy or sticky remove the bandage to let it dry in fresh air.

Prevention from infections:Scrapes and Cuts A common child care issue

  1. Your child should be up to date with their tetanus injections
  2. Always use sterile and sanitized equipment
  3. Clean the wound thoroughly before covering
  4. Reach out to a doctor if the wound is open or deep. It might need professional attention like stitching up the cut.