Testicular Torsion is an emergency of Genitourinary Tract occurs when spermatic cord which twists and causes testes to swell. It usually occurs in adolescents in the early age of puberty between 12-18 years. If it is not treated promptly it can cause in the loss of one testicles. It is very painful condition when proper blood flow to the testes stops and it can damage testicular tissues badly. When a male experience torsion of testes the tissues can die very quickly and it leads to many other reproductive complications.

Causes of Testicular Torsion:

It can be an anatomical abnormality mostly found in some males by birth. In normal cases, testes move freely inside the scrotum and connective tissue always support the testes to move easily. When spermatic cord twisted it results in low connectivity in tissues of testicles and blood flow to one testes stops and torsion occurs. This abnormality called “Bell Clapper” deformity.

Groin injury can also lead to torsion. This condition can occur anytime like during sleep, physical tension, different sports injuries can also cause Torsion.

Symptoms of Testicular Torsion:

Usually pain and swelling of scrotum can be seen in testicular torsion. Because it happen in one testicles but when swelling get so much it cover the whole scrotum. One testicle look big and higher than the other. Here are some following common symptoms:

  • Sudden pain in scrotum
  • Pain in Abdomen
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Blood clots in semen
  • One testes get higher than other on position
  • Pain while Urination
  • Fever

Treatment of Testicular Torsion:

Torsion is a medical emergency that need quick surgery you should never get it delayed. After examination doctors suggest surgery. Most of the males feel hesitation and don’t go to doctors and it can lead to many other problems. Doctor does physical exam, urine test and ultrasound of scrotum to see the infection or blood flow. In most of the cases surgical repair is the treatment of torsion but sometimes doctor can untwist the sac by hand as well.