Don’t be a zombie

Are you obese and want to lose weight? Don’t starve and become a zombie as life is to live not to die in starvation. Nowadays youngsters’ are very much concerned about their physical appearance and nobody wants to be called “fat”.

What is being overweight?

A person who is overweight is one whose mass of body is higher than the average healthy people of its age and height group. Overweight people have usually BMI of 25 or more and obese have BMI of 30 or more which is higher than the average weight of their age or height group.

BMI: Body mass index

BMI is body mass index which is defined as the mass of body divided by the square of the body height (BMI classification, 2006).

Eat healthy, look gorgeous

It is very hard for obese people to cut all the unhealthy edibles from their diet at ones. So try to do it smoothly one by one and replace unhealthy with healthy ones.  Don’t choose starving as it is very painful weakens your body and makes you inactive. Take a glass of warm water and a spoon of honey before having breakfast. Eat healthy breakfast. Our metabolism works fast during day time. Don’t skip your breakfast as you are going to have an active day a head. Take fruit or fresh juice in breakfast snack. Avoid having any tetra packed juice or drink as it contains sugar and artificial stuff. Eat half of what you used to eat in daily routine but make sure it is not a junk food. Add a bowl of salad to your diet. Eat any fruit in your brunch. Take a cup of green tea in the evening. At night, eat anything light. Avoid oily food and having sweets at night. Add more salads and fruits in your diet. As it is very hard to avoid junk food so enjoy yourself a cheat day weakly and eat any of your favorite food at that day but in a controlled quantity. Make sure to walk or jog daily in the morning and exercise daily.

Drink water, eat quality food and stay slimYou think you are overweight obese Try out healthy diet and lose weight

Add plenty of tepid water in daily routine as it helps in burning fat. With the passage of time as you get used to of your routine, try declining the quantity of oily food, cheese and bakery stuff in your diet. Eat less but quality food. Eat healthy, stay fresh and slim.


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