Tourism, beneficial for individual and society!


Tourism can be defined as visiting and living in those places which are outside their typical surroundings. The time duration of staying at those places should not be more than a consecutive year and its purpose shouldn’t be leisure, for leisure, industrious, trade etc.

Benefits of tourism

Tourism is an ever-growing industry. It is one of the most important and inflating business now a day. It is generally considered important for country’s economy and for tourist themselves.


Along with its multiple benefits, one of the major benefits is health. Tourism brings positive changes in health. Visiting tourist’s sites in one’s own country is also less expensive than international tourism, but can be equally beneficial for tourist’s health and mental development. It is very helpful in making new relationships and in making existing relationships even stronger.

Mental health

Psychological research says, vacation of only seven days a year can significantly improve individual’s mental condition and everyday performance. All these individual level improvements can contribute to a healthy society.

Finally, tourism is a break from one’s everyday life and stressful daily routine and it can markedly improve how you perceive your surroundings, making you a more optimistic person and an optimistic member makes an optimistic society.

Enhancement of ones outlook

Tourism doesn’t only provide physical benefits but also enhance your brain functioning. Visiting different areas even in a same country or different countries of the world give a glance of different cultures and widens up ones outlook towards life and others. It increases knowledge and give a way to live a better and beautiful life.

Tourism, beneficial for individual and society!


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