Are you underweight Try out these simple and completely healthy tips!

What is being underweight?

A person who is underweight is one whose mass of body is lower than the average healthy people of its age and height group. Underweight people have usually BMI of 18.5 which is below to average weight of their age or height group, approximately about 15% to 20%.

BMI: Body mass index

BMI is body mass index which is defined as the mass of body divided by the square of the body height (BMI classification, 2006).

Being underweight brings about other problems too

Being underweight is not just a problem of physical appearance; it also makes your immune system weak, delicate bones and fatigue.

Eat healthy, look gorgeous

The most important thing is to know about what you are eating in your daily routine? Is that healthy and providing all nutrients to your body or just something to fill up your stomach? One must change its eating patterns. Start your beautiful morning with a healthy breakfast which freshen you up. Take 2 slices with an egg. Take any fruit which you like as a morning snack. Now it’s time for lunch. Take bread or boiled rice with your favorite gravy with yogurt.  Don’t forget to add a small quantity of oil in your diet. Also take any healthy snack e.g. a piece of cake or biscuit with a cup of tea in the evening. It will boost you up and recharge you for the beautiful evening a head.  Take fried fish with bread and a bowl of freshly chopped salad. That’s not all. Also add a glass of milk in your diet at any part of your day. Try taking it in the morning or in the evening.  Keep it in mind that nature has blessed us with loads of healthy food. So, get your proteins, nutrients, vitamins etc from natural stuff.

Weight gaining drugs

Don’t take any artificially synthesized weight gaining pills which may cause damage to your health instead of bringing you in a fine physical state. Natural and healthy food will bring you in a strong and good physical shape but also glow up your skin, make you feel fresh and happier. So eat healthy, stay in high spirits and strong.

Are you underweight Try out these simple and completely healthy tipsReference

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  1. Everyone wants to be thin.. N being underweight is a trend now-a-days.. So it is very important to educate its side effects..u have done a great job.. People should know that it’s better to have healthy weight rather than weak n underweight…


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